HCA-3B Used to analyse...
Application and feature:
Used to analyse and measure the mass fractions of manganese, phosphor and silicon of carbon steel, low alloy steel, open hearth iron, cast iron, low alloy iron in steel, metallurgy, cast and other industries.br>
1. Microcomputer control, procedure operation, data processing
2. Curve automatically regress, digital display, printing, directly read mass fraction
3. Dissolving samples outside the machine, vapour heating
4. Both automatic and manual, convenient operation
5. Can singly test and united test elements analysis randomly
6. Can fix measuring range according to users’ requirements
Technical index:
1. Measuring range: manganese: 0.050%-2.000% phosphor: 0.005%-0.700% silicon: 0.050%-6.00%
2. Analysis time: 2min
3. Error of analysis: manganese accords with the standard of GB/T223.63-88, phosphor accords with the standard of GB/T223.59-87, silicon accords with the standard of GB/T223.5-97

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