HWF-900B high-frequency...
Application and feature:
Suitable for burning steel, metallurgy, alloy elements, nonferrous metal, cement, ore, glass, ceramic as well as other material at the time of analyzing and testing, and it can be matched with HIR-944B infrared carbon & sulphur analyzer which is made by our factory.

1.With large design power, high output efficiency, and higher burning temperature than like products.
2.Adopt special fan cooling method to improve elements’ service life and to make instruments’ working more stable and reliable.
3.The weight of burning sample may achieve 2g, which improves analysis precision of low content.
Technical index:
1.Output power: 2.5KVA
2.Vibration frequency: 20MHz
3.Burning temperature: 1700℃ (count with 1g pure iron)
4.Load time: about 60S
5.Voltage of electrical source: 220V、frequency 50Hz

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