721 Digital display...
Application and feature:
Suitable for labs of mines and factories, schools, hospitals, environmental protection, scientific research, etc.

1.Adopt high-performance grating, with little stray light, good homochromy performance
2.New-type monochromator design, reliable and stable performance
3.Adopt imported tungsten light, with irradiance power, low power consumption and long lifetime
4.Unique 6nm width band, ultra-large sample room, can store 100mm cuvette
5.Adopt microcomputer control, procedure operation, digital display directly read mass fraction
Technical index:
1.Range of wavelength: 350-800mm
2.Accuracy of wavelength: ±3nm
3.Repetitiveness of wavelength: 1nm
4.Width of spectral band: 6nm
5.Accuracy of transmittance: ±0.5%T (at the point of 546.1nm)
6.Repetitiveness of transmittance: at the point of 546.1nm)
7.Stray light: ≤0.5%T@3600nm
8.Stability: photocurrent 0.5%T/30min dark current:0.5%T/30min
9.Measuring range: Transmittance: 0-100%T

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