WFZ-753 visible...
Application and feature:
  Model WFZ-753 visible ultraviolet spectrometry meter is a microcomputer-based intelligent analyzer with excellent performance and novel structure. It has perfect data processing ability, can store 20 standard curves, and it is matched with multi-colour printer, which can directly print analysis result and draw standard curves at the same time. It can meet the needs of scientific research and production requirements in organic chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, environmental protection as well as various other fields. It is one of necessary instruments in modern analysis lab, especially suitable for quantitative analysis to various materials in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, foodstuff industry, pharmacy industry, clinic analysing and testing, environmental protection and other departments’ labs.

1.Microcomputer control, with powerful data processing ability. Automatic regulation
2.With both automatic and manual testing, digital display and print testing result
3.T.A.C display random switch. Can freely set three printing ways
4.Can store 20 curves, with circuit break protection
Technical index:
1.Range of wavelength: 200-820nm (195-850nm available)
2.Accuracy of wavelength: better than ±2nm
3.Repetitiveness of wavelength: 0.5nm
4.Width of spectral band: better than 4nm
5.Accuracy of transmittance: ±0.5%(T) (adopt state standard material GBW(E)130105 standard slice to test at the points of 270nm、293nm、350nm)
6.Repetitiveness of transmittance: 0.5%(T) (adopt state standard material GBW(E)130105 standard slice to test at the points of 270nm、293nm、350nm)
7.Stray light: better than 0.4%(T) (adopt state standard material GBW(E)130124 standard slice to test at the points of 220nm、340nm)
8.Stability: light current 0.5%(T)/10min
9.Transmittance: 0-100%(T), absorbency: 0-1.999(A), consistency: 0-9999
10.Electrical source: 220V±10% 50Hz

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