HC-2 Direct reading...
Application and feature:
 It is a common analyzing instrument used to in production, teaching and scientific research labs of metallurgy, mechanism, chemical industry, medical treatment and sanitary, environmental protection, foodstuff, material science, life sciences, agriculture science and other fields.

1.Procedure operation and data processing controlled by microcomputer
2.High-precision hologram plane grating spectrophotometer, zero and full journey automatic regulating
3.Digital display printing, directly read mass fraction
4.Combination of infrared sensing technology and computer technology
Technical index:
1.Range of wavelength: 330-830mm
2.Accuracy of wavelength:±2nm
3.Repetitiveness of wavelength: 1nm
4.Width of spectral band: 6nmm
5.Accuracy of transmittance: ±1.5%T (at the point of 546.1nm)
6.Repetitiveness of transmittance: 0.5%T (at the point of 546.1nm)
7.Stray light: better than 1.0%T (at the point of 360nm)
8.Stability: photocurrent 1.0%T/10min
9.Measuring range:
Transmittance: 0-100%
TAbsorbency: 0-1.999A
consistency: 0-99.99C

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