HCA-MR microcomputer-based...
Application and feature:
This instrument adopts outer-machine dissolving, can rapidly and accurately measure the mass fractions of magnesium and rare earth in nodular cast iron and other samples.

Automatically control procedures, simple structure, convenient to operate, appear colour under room temperature, finish measuring within 3min
Technical index:
1.Weight of sample: 100mg
2.Measuring range: magnesium: 0.010%-0.100% rare earth: 0.010%-0.100%
3.Error of analysis: magnesium accords with the allowed value fixed in GB/T223.45-94, rare earth accords with the allowed value fixed in GB/T223.49-94
4.Analysis time: within 3min
5.Analysis way: adopt photoelectrical colorimetry, the working curve automatically records mass fraction and prints result
6.Electrical source and power consumption of the whole machine: 220V±10% 50Hz P≤150W
7.Temperature of environment: 5-40℃

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