KDS-1 fast two-unit...
Application and feature:
  Model KDS-1 fast two-unit electrical potential & electro-analysis meter adopts the principle of controlling cathode electric potential to carry out quantitative analysis and separation to argent in copper and copper alloy, argent and argent alloy.

1.The whole instrument is divided into two units, can analyze one sample solely or analyze two samples at the same time
2.Rapid analysis speed, once analysis time is not longer than 60min (expect the analysis time of the remained ), improved by 4-20 times compared with common analyzer.
3.High electric potential control precision, cathode and anode, once display of voltage, convenient and clear
Technical index:
1.Output voltage: ≤10V
2.Output current: ≤10A
3.Input impedance: ≥50kΩ
4.Control precision of electric potential: ±3mV
5.Control range of electric potential: ±1999mV

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