HCA-LH Microcomputer-based...
Application and feature:
  Used to analyse and measure the mass fractions of iron, copper, silicon, manganese, magnesium, titanium in non-ferrous metal alloy

1.Microcomputer control, procedure operation, data processing
2.Digital display printing, directly read mass fraction
3.Combination liquid adding method of atmosphere pressure and time control, accurate and reliable capacity fixation
4.Adopt photoelectrical colorimetry, rapid analysis speed, accurate, stable and reliable analysis result
5.Simple structure, high automatization degree, convenient operation
6.Can fix measuring range and randomly combine any three elements according to users’ requirements
Technical index:
1.Measuring range:
iron: 0.05%-1.50%
Copper: 0.05%-5.0%
Silicon: 0.05%-13.0%
Manganese: 0.05%-1.80%
Magnesium: 0.05%-1.50%
Titanium: 0.05%-1.00%
2.Analysis time: 3min
3.Error of analysis: according with the standard of GB/T6987.2、4、6、7、9、12-2001

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