SK2 series stainless...
Application and feature:
  SK2 series carbon furnace has high performance and price ratio, can compare beauty with Japanese EMIA-110, American TF-10 as well as other combustion furnaces. And it can be matched with nonaqueous titrations carbon & sulphur analyzer, conductance carbon & sulphur analyzer, gas volumetric method carbon & sulphur analyzer, it is a fine combustion furnace to measure the content of carbon and sulphur.

1.Developed continuous PID bi-directional controllable silicon single-phase pressure regulation automatic temperature control technique. With functions of digital fixation, digital display, alarm of over temperature, etc., as a result, it has high temperature control precision, convenient operation and maintenance, and it can prolong lifetime of silicon-carbon stick.
2.Stainless steel integrated furnace body, nice appearance and corrosion resistance. Can be used for 20 years, and can be installed with oxidation purification device, flowmeter, etc.
3.Designed rapid replacing devices for quick-wear parts such as silicon-carbon stick, thus, maintenance is more convenient.
4.Adopt novel heat preservation material and unique hearth structure, with light weight, rapid temperature rising and good energy-saving effect.

Technical index:
1.Rated power: 1.5kVA
2.Rated temperature: 1300℃
3.Temperature rising time: 20min
4.Precision of temperature control: Grade 0.5
5.Dimension of silicon-carbon stick: Φ18*180(mm) Φ14*60(mm)
6.Dimension of hearth: Φ22*180(mm)

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