HB-2H high-speed...
Application and feature:
  Suitable for burning the samples at the time of analyzing and testing carbon and sulphur elements’ mass fractions in steel, ferromanganese, silicon-iron, hematite, burnt carbon, slag, etc.

1.Adopt untouched high-frequency spark continuous arc induction, automatic follow burning
2.Furnace body automatic rising and descending, phase conductor switch and circuit security protection design
3.Nice appearance, reasonable structure
4.Simple operation, convenient, rapid, safe and reliable
5.With advantages of saving electricity, saving material, saving time, etc.
6.Can be matched with conductance, gas volumetric method, nonaqueous titrations, iodimetry, acid-base titrations as well as other carbon & sulphur instruments
Technical index:
1.Arc induction current: 3-15A
2.Arc induction space: 2-4mm
3.Follow arc induction time:1-3s
4.Front oxygen pressure: 29.4×10(3)-36.2×10(3)P (0.2-0.4千克/cm(2))
5.Back oxygen flux: 1-2L/ min
6.Rising and descending speed of electrode:3mm/s
7.Rising and descending extent of electrode:10mm
8.Electrical source: 220v±10%.50Hz

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