HV-4B microcomputer-based...
Application and feature:
Used to analyse and measure carbon and sulphur elements in steel, metallurgy, machinery and other industries as well as other metal materials.

1.Microcomputer control, procedure operation
2.Measuring carbon with pressure transmitter gas volumetric method,measuring sulphur with injection type iodimetry
3.Testing pressure with transducer, digitally display percentage of carbon and sulphur
4.Can be matched with high-speed automatic induction furnace, vertical or horizontal type pipe-shaped combustion furnace
Technical index:
1.Measuring range:
carbon: 0.0050%-6.0000%
Sulphur: 0.005%-0.300%
2.Analysis time: 60s (regulable)
3.Error of analysis: carbon accords with GB/T223.69-97 standard Sulfur accords with GB/T223.68-97 standard

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