HIR-944D furnace...
Application and feature:
Used to analyse and measure carbon and sulphur elements in steel, metallurgy, machinery and other industries as well as other metal materials.

1.Infrared inspection and computer control
2.WINDOWS Chinese operation system
3.Non-quantitive weight by electronic balance
4.Pipe-shaped combustion furnace, controllable silicon stepless control te
5.Automatic follow and light, automatic rising and descending of furnace body
6.Adopt vacuum spark generator, metal dust-remove design
7.Inspection system contains several inspectors
Technical index:
1.Measuring range:
carbon: 0.0050%-6.0000% (can expand to 99.999%)
Sulphur: 0.0005%-0.3500% (can expand to 99.999%)
2.Analysis time: about 35s
3.Error of analysis: carbon accords with GB/T223.69-97 standard Sulfur accords with GB/T223.68-97 standard

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