HIR-944C high-frequency...
Application and feature:
Used to analyse and measure carbon and sulphur elements in steel, non-ferrous metal, as well as other metal and nonmetal materials.

1.Infrared inspection and computer control
2.WINDOWS Chinese operation system
3.Non-quantitive weight by electronic balance
4.Pipe-shaped combustion furnace, controllable silicon stepless control temperature
5.Dynamically display the radiation curves of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide
6.Digitally show temperature set, high-performance heat preservation technique of furnace body, small thermal radiation
7.Inspection system contains several inspectors
8.High pressure pipe-shaped combustion, eliminate dust with metal sieve mesh
Technical index:
1.Measuring range:
carbon: 0.0050%-6.0000% (can expand to 99.999%)
Sulphur: 0.0005%-0.3500% (can expand to 99.999%)
2.Analysis time: about 60s
3.Error of analysis: carbon accords with GB/T223.69-97 standard Sulfur accords with GB/T223.68-97 standard

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